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Window coverings for bay and corner windows are usually standard rectangular window installations. Panels are independent of one another, and minimums and maximums apply to each panel. Virtually all Hunter Douglas brands offer a solution for your bay or corner window applications.





Available with:

  • AlustraT Silhouette® window shadings

  • AlustraT Luminette® Privacy Sheers

  • AlustraT Duette® honeycomb shades

  • AlustraT Genuine Woods

  • Luminette® Privacy Sheers

  • Duette® honeycomb shades

  • Applause® honeycomb shades

  • Provenance® woven wood shades

  • Brilliance® pleated shades

  • Heritance® hardwood shutters

  • Palm BeachT polysatin shutters

  • NewStyleT hybrid shutters

  • Country Woods® Genuine Woods blinds

  • Country Woods® ExposéT blinds

  • Country Woods® SelectT blinds

  • Country Woods® Reflections® blinds

  • Country Woods ClassicsT blinds

  • Chalet Woods® wood blinds

  • EverWood® X-tra blinds

  • EverWood® CountrySide blinds

  • EverWood® 2" blinds

  • Woodmates® blinds

  • Lightlines® blinds

  • Macro aluminum blinds

  • Décor® aluminum blinds

  • Celebrity® aluminum blinds

  • SomnerT Collection Vertical Blinds

  • CrosswindsT Wood Vertical Blinds

  • M3T Textured Vinyl Verticals

  • Vertical Solutions® New Edition



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